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Cross Wind Brabant Mares


Cross Wind Cricket 

Purchased in 2011 at 2 yrs old, Cricket was our first Brabant horse. We traveled to Indiana to purchase her. She is 13 yrs old had 1 foal and is bred for a spring 2023 baby.

She is the most spirited off all of the mares and very smart. She is second in command and first to get her pets before anyone else. She weighs in at 1900#, stands 16.3 hands and is a bay roan. Cricket  is broke to ride and drive, and she is registered breeding stock with the ABA.


HBB's SM Casey

Purchased in 2012 as a weanling, we traveled to the Denver Stock Show to retrieve her. She is 11 years old has had 2 foals. 

 She is our most laid back mare and does not have a care in the world. She is quiet, kind, sweet and always excited for scratches. She is broke to drive, and weighs in at 2000# 16.2 hands and is a bay roan. She is registered 100% Brabant with the ABA  and a full sister to Zoey.

HBB's SM Zoey 

Purchased in 2017 as a 4 yr old, we traveled to Alamosa, CO for her. She is 9 yrs old now and she has had 2 foals. Zoey is our big personality in the barnyard and makes sure everyone stays in their place. 

She is our lead mare and nothing happens without her approval. She eats first, drinks first, but can be very sweet and knows when she has a job to do. Zoey is broke to drive weighs in at 2100#, 16.3 hands, is a bay roan and registered 100% Brabant with the ABA. Zoey and Casey are full sisters.


HBB's TM Lucy

 Purchased in 2016 as a 2 yr old, we traveled to Alamosa, CO to retrieve her (and 2 brothers and a cousin). She is 8 yrs old and has had 2 foals.  Lucy is another "don't care" mare.  She is also very kind and gentle but is the lowest in the pecking order. Lucy is broke to drive and weighs in at 2000#, 16.2 hands and is a bay roan. She is  registered 94% with the ABA.

Cross Wind CR Magnolia "Maggie" 

Born on our farm to Casey and a Gypsy stallion named Ziggy. She is a Unicorn for sure as neither the Gypsy or Brabant registries have this cross listed.  She should mature to about 1500# and be roughly 15 hands. Maggie is the sweetest filly in the bunch and eager to be loved on. She is a tricolored roan with an exceptional amount of hair. She is currently being ground broke to carry a saddle and wear a harness, we have high hopes for her!


Bandit and Archer

Purchased in 2022 Bandit is 4 and Archer is 3. They are the odd ducks on our farm but we love them.  We traveled to Kentucky to bring them home and are currently our go-to driving team.  They are Percheron/Belgian cross half brothers and know their way around farm equipment. Both of them weigh in at 1900#, stand 18 hands and are both blood bays.

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