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Who are we?


We are Stephen and Eunice Ward and own Cross Wind Brabants.
We have lived in Colorado for 25 years while running a small business. As children we both grew up with horses on farms and have cherished the values that animals bring to our lives. For many years we owned Quarter horses and Eunice barrel raced as a hobby. 11 years ago we purchased our first Brabant mare Cricket and shortly after she was joined by Casey as a weanling. Together they became our first Brabant team. They were our first drafts and ignited a love for these big beauties. We found joy in driving the girls together in our local harness club, parades and competitions. We continued to grow our herd as the years went on and in 2019 we added our stallion Rambo to the herd. Since then we have started breeding pure and high percentage Brabant horses.


Thanks for showing interest in our little farm as we continue on this journey! 

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